Helping Scale Code and People

my face Did you ever wonder what you could do if you scaled your engineering capacity, and not just your headcount?

I've done this at Google, Meta, and multiple startups, and I can do it for you.

I love working with startups to make their people and code scale, allowing them to move fast effortlessly. I architect and build high performance, low maintenance systems. I also architect teams that punch well above their weight, with a product oriented culture of craftsmanship, pragmatism, and rapid execution.

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What kind of projects do I take on?

I'm particularly interested in hard problems around distributed systems, performance optimization, big data, data pipelines, programming languages, operating systems, and the interface between hardware and software.

If you're looking for someone to come in and implement a standard agile development process, or whip together yet another CRUD backend, I am probably not a good fit, though I'll gladly work with you to help find and vet someone who is.


I help startups companies get more out both their software and human systems. I simplify architecture to remove maintenance burden, increasing per-engineer impact. I improve end to end design, and build a culture of excellence. And I do this while improving the performance, scalability, and reliability of your systems.

Why should you hire me?

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If you'd like to see what I've built in more detail, I've got a resume. Read it here.

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